Grow For Free - Mission | Learn How To Grow Cannabis
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So…. Why you, and Why now?

At Spannabis Barcelona, 2018 my partner and I launched Global Cannect, a global cannabis company whose mission is to cannect and unite, people and brands in the global cannabis community. We realized there is a huge global disconnect in both cannabis technology and education/ practices. Our goal is to seek out the best cannabis companies in the world, and help bridge the gaps in the global industry (I.e. In Spain they lack some of the advanced extraction techniques). We currently do this in a smaller scale in the Washington, DC market. Before my partner and I tackle this ambitious task, we realized we need to learn the plant inside and out (we are professional consultants by trade). I decided I wanted to show people that you can be successful in the industry WITHOUT SELLING THE PLANT but giving it away to people in need and teaching people how to grow themselves. Thus, my goal is to map the process of going from knowing NOTHING, to learning from some of the industries best and giving the cannabis away for free to people who truly need it.

I am getting ready to map the process of going from knowing nothing, to growing weed with the help of growers from the Washington, DC market to give away free to people who need it (Addicts, medical patients, people who can’t afford, veterans.. etc)!

My goal is to teach people throughout the world how to grow as I work through the learning process and make the mistakes in front of everyone. I want to show people that there are other ways to make money in the Cannabis market besides just selling the plant. Additionally, I want to help magnify and amplify the positive effects this plant can have on a community.

I have built a following in the Washington, DC market through Instagram: @DCWeedEvents, @DCWeedCulture, @DCWeedGrowers, @GlobalCannect @CallMeCapitalC @TogetherWeBuildDC now @GrowForFree – over 33k followers across all of our accounts!

I am working to launch a list of supplies that people can purchase ahead of time, so they have enough time to start growing with me. This way, if they have any questions or problems- I can connect them with an expert right away to try and salvage their grows!